December 7, 2014: False Creek Celebration Loop

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.02.01 AM

It was a nice day for the not-too-strenuous victory loop of False Creek, ending up at the Craft Beer Market in the Salt Building in the former Olympic Village. A record turnout of 14 people assembled at Science World. We walked counter-clockwise and crossed the Burrard Bridge before returning along the seawall.


November 2, 2014: Renfrew Ravine to Waterfront Station


A rainy day for the final leg of the loop did not deter this hearty crew.  This was the most urban of all the walks with much of the route through the historic downtown East side.  This allowed for an enjoyable coffee break at Cafe Calabria on Commercial.

We ended with a stop at Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar (inside the Waterfront Station building) before catching the Skytrain back to the 29th Avenue starting point.

Distance: 10.93K  Weather: drizzle and rain.

Total Distance: 152.6K
Loop Distance (excluding SFU side trip): 139.43K

October 26, 2014: William Griffin Park to Phibbs Exchange redux


Four of us did the second stage of the Loop today.  We followed much the same route as the first time, although we had the advantage of having the updated description from the 2010 update to the book.  This allowed us, for example, to avoid the bottom portion of the descending power line trail which was good because today we were walking down an active stream.  It was very wet along much of the route, although the day itself was very pleasant and mostly sunny.

We deviated from the official route at the end, continuing down Lynn Creek to Main Street.  I think this was actually a nicer route.

Distance: 13k  Weather: Mostly sunny

October 5, 2014: Burnaby Lake Park to Renfrew Ravine

Jon’s pre-walk on September 21

Jon selfie
Jon selfie


Gordon’s route with the official group on October 5

Shopping or hiking?
Shopping or hiking?

(includes about 1.4 km trying to shut down the app while en route in the car to St Augustine’s)

According to Jon:

… a pretty gentle one, with only one uphill portion, from Deer Lake up to Metrotown, and much of that is up a set of gentle steps. When exiting Burnaby Lake I recommend taking the Sprott Street exit to Kensington as I’m not convinced the trail he describes still exists (and there’s a new nice walking path along Kensington).

The consensus seems to be that it was about 16 km The steps from Deer Lake to Metrotown have the legend of Deer Lake according to Chief Joe Capilano on them in thirteen parts (so you get to rest while reading each part—the steps may be gentle but there are about 300 of them).

The weather on October 5 was around 19 degrees: perfect for walking. We ended up at St. Augustine’s Craft Brew House.

Make-up Walk on October 19

Group Selfie at start of walk


Five of us did section number 10 today.  We had a very pleasant day, warm and partly sunny.  We made one minor deviation from the “official” route, taking the Deer Lake boardwalk rather than the meadow trail.

Total distance 15.56 km

September 7, 2014: Mundy Park to Burnaby Lake Park


A record turnout for today’s walk – 12 partipants.  We wended our way through Mundy Park, down into Port Moody, and then through various ravines to end up at the East end of Burnaby Lake.

Distance: 13.88km  Weather: Sunny and warm.
Distance so far: 126.11km

August 31, 2014: Waterfront Station to William Griffin Park redux

This was a repeat of the first stage for people who missed it, with minor differences in the route taken.

Total Distance: 13.78km Weather: Rain to start, cloudy in the middle, sunny finish

August 3, 2014: Pitt River to Mundy Park

Burrard Loop 8

The ripe, warm blackberries were a fitting reward after scrambling up the very overgrown road near the end.

Given the 30 degree heat, Original Joe’s was perfectly placed, about 3 blocks from the end point.  We ordered five almost-pints of Gypsy Tears and one Summer Fling.

Distance: 13.26k  Weather: sunny & hot
Distance so far: 112.23k

July 6, 2014: Port Coquitlam to the Pitt River

Burrard Loop 7

The hike takes us up the east side of the Coquitlam River to the Patricia Bridge. We cross under the bridge and make our way up to a turn which takes us across Shaughnessy Street, through a couple of parks, and along the Hyde Creek trail. This leads us to DeBoville Slough and further to Pitt River. Following the dyke south to the Pitt River Bridge and crossing it leads to a parking area near Old Dewdney Trunk road, the end of our hike.

The entire trail is level and definitely scenic with very little street time.  It is a very pleasant and flat route almost entirely along waterways.  On July 6, it was misty as we started out, then fairly dry for about 2/3 of the hike, but then the rains came – mostly a gentle but fairly steady downpour which persisted until the end.

Loop 7, Take 2 on the following Sunday with three participants was a quite different weather story: hot and sunny, around 30 degrees.
Fauna seen: one brown sheep, one wild turkey, many assorted ducks and Canada geese, and three bears feasting on blueberries along the dyke.

Distance: 12.99km Weather: drizzle & rain for round 1, sunny and warm for round 2.
Distance so far: 98.97km

June 1, 2014: Ioco to the Coquitlam River

Burrard Loop 6

The hike is from Ioco to the Coquitlam River, along a mix of sunny and shady trails. The post-hike lunch was at the St James’s Well pub in Newport Village.

Distance: 14.80km  Weather: Sunny
Distance to date: 85.98km

May 4, 2014: Indian Arm to Ioco

Burrard Loop 5

We met at White Pine Beach and walked to Admiralty Point before heading to Ioco.  This was a soggy walk with the weather varying from light drizzle to all-out rain for the final stage of the journey.

Distance: 15.71 km  Weather: drizzle & rain
Distance to date: 71.18 km